EUA accuses Microsoft of attacking Chinese hackers who were spying on the government

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The Conselho de Segurança Cibernética do Governor dos Estados Unidos says that a Microsoft was able to avoid an attack by Chinese hackers as well as emails from senior government officials. Oh one case was revealed no past year There is also a dispute between China and the EUA.

Second, as authorities, the invasion was completely “avoidable”, sending Microsoft into security “lapses” due to a deliberate “lack of transparency”.

The board also noted in your report that identifies a series of decisions made by Microsoft that diminish enterprise security, risk management and customer confidence to protect their data and operations.

Chinese hacker invasion confirmed by me of a brecha in a corporate contact from a Microsoft engineer. With this, they obtained permission to spy, repeatedly, on all high-relevance functions within the US government.

Some of them include Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo, EUA Ambassador to China Nicholas Burns, Secretary of State for East Asia Daniel Kritenbrink, and several other “small patent” officials.

The council recommends that Microsoft develop reforms aimed at ensuring the security of all its products and also salient that will accompany your work as company actions.

Commenting on assurance, Microsoft told Reuters that it had found a security file explored by the Chinese.

While the organization is safe from cyber attacks from adversaries with good recourse, we mobilize our engineering teams to identify and mitigate legitimate infrastructure, improve processes and apply security criteria.

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