Huawei must abandon Android and release on HarmonyOS Next this year

Huawei has prepared the final details to abandon Android now and continue using HarmonyOS Next on its smartphones. Second most recent information, essa mudança must meet outdoors with the launch of the line Mate 70.

Comment assured, people who work with China confirm the Nikkei Asia that o HarmonyOS Next has 4 million applications developed e prontos para uso.

However, Huawei claims to hope for a presentation of the Mate 70 line so that the system is a large device in conjunction with the company's latest generation chipset, which will be built by SMIC in 5 nanometers.

The software will be more efficient because, like Apple does, Huawei claims to “make” the system with the hardware of the devices. On the other hand, HarmonyOS Next will also come with various AI tools.

A curious detail about Huawei's strategy is that the company has several applications from Western companies in its portfolio, such as McDonald's.

This indicates that, invariably, American companies that have chosen to develop applications for HarmonyOS Next in China so as not to lose users.

It could be that Huawei is a third major mobile operating system of the world and the company. interest for the Western level in a second phase.

For now the Chinese manufacturer has not commented or assured, but China's own government is responsible for developing tools for HarmonyOS and claiming that this is the case. use the PC version of the software in public deployments.

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