Museum at home: Samsung is trying to “democratize art” with its The Frame line of smart TVs

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A Samsung apresentou sua TV channel The Frame to the Brazilian public originally in 2017. This family of products always aims to offer gifts to art lovers from my art store, its virtual store which includes more than 2 million works of art from art galleries around the world which can be exposed for a long time on television.

One of the collections that can be selected in the Art Store is also a digitized work from the Metropolitan Museum of Art — popularly known as the Met. In accordance with Samsung, the museum located in New York, United States, is in line with its strategy of “democratizing access to art” through The Frame line.

In an interview with Samsung, Stephen Mannello, chef and Met graduate, who worked between a museum and a manufacturer to allow him to present part of his collection to the public which interests him in the most artistic movements iconic, then bringing together people from different countries and cultures that we never visit at the Met.

“Working with Samsung Art Store allows us to enter a unique space where technology meets digital innovation and interior design,” said the executive.

A Samsung reveals that a new collection of impressionist works from the Met available this month in Art Store. This artistic movement began in 1874, some four years after the founding of the museum which, since then, has sought to democratize art, bringing access to the masses, according to Mannello.

A digital initiative offering a valuable extension of the museum experience for the home environment. As I contact you to visit galleries, different works come into contact with distinct people in the various moments of your lives. It's moving to watch users constantly select and modify the artwork displayed in their home, depending on their humor, their design aesthetic or even the establishment of the year.

Stephen Mannello
Chef de Varejo and Licenciamento do The Met

Mannello says art should be accessible to everyone, in keeping with the Met's philosophy, but then several people can visit a once-in-a-lifetime museum. That's why it's clearly important to provide secular schools with access to smart TVs from The Frame line — which, in this case, can mimic a quadro.

Like the most recent versions of The Frame, for example, there are new remedies that include fabric with an anti-reflective coating, custom molds, and an exclusive backing that guarantees a rental mount on the wall. It is necessary to attend the service to access all or content available in Art Store, which costs R$ 16/month.

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