WhatsApp works with a remedy to indicate semelhante channels to users

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O WhatsApp I am going to launch a new program that will allow you to share with other users, both as WhatsApp beta for Android no WhatsApp beta for iOS. This is an attempt to learn the user's experience of encountering relevant content.

Even in the testing phase, users have connections to their interests and preferences. Ao suggestir canais semelhantes com base nos canais que os uários já seguem, o WhatsApp increases the circulation of content within the application.

In the next update, users can see channel recommendations similar to the type of channel information they are viewing. On the other hand, these suggestions will also be exposed to try to follow a channel. Suggested channel number may vary, but initially Serão presented at 5 similar canais.

This review promises to be a significant improvement when discovering content on WhatsApp. They not only provide users with the opportunity to explore new channels of their interest, but they also benefit channel owners, increasing their visibility and public visibility.

Can you use WhatsApp channels to inform and interact with other people? Thank you for our comments!

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