The first iPhone emulator has been removed from the App Store – Tecnoblog

App Store no iPhone (Imagem: André Fogaça/Tecnoblog)

Saiba more sober App store No nosso channel no whatsapp Apple removed the first GameBoy Advance emulator from the App Store a week after its release. Virtually liberated even today by a major tech authority emulating the site, the IGBA was removed due to a pattern of policy violations by Apple. One of these is … Read more

Samsung switched to Apple and recently it is a best-selling brand in the world – Tecnoblog

Galaxy Z Fold 4 tem chip Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1; o iPhone 14 Pro tem um Apple A16 Bionic (imagem: Emerson Alecrim/Tecnoblog)

Saiba more sober Apple No nosso channel no whatsapp Samsung overtook Apple in the first quarter of 2024 and regained the position of the world's leading cell phone seller. According to a recent research by market analysis company IDC, a South Korean manufacturer obtained 20.8% of the smartphone market at the beginning of the year. … Read more

What do you know about Duolingo? App fica xoxo, capenga, fragile and incoherent – ​​Tecnoblog

Coruja mascote do Duolingo aparece cabisbaixa e triste

The Coruja mascot from Duolingo appears cabisbaixa and sad (Image: Reprodução/Tecnoblog) Saiba more sober Duolingo No nosso channel no whatsapp What is Duolingo really for? Your creator Morreu? Is it what she is like xoxo? There are certain things that emerge on the Internet these days thanks to the icon of the language application on … Read more

Google announces that VPN service will be available this year – Tecnoblog

Google logo

Saiba more sober Google No nosso channel no whatsapp Google announces in the fifth week (11) that you will stop the Google One VPN, your arming service in the new company. Second, great technology, the motivation to improve functionality is that people don't use them. The official Google One VPN will be available in December … Read more

Small browsers crescem na Europa – Tecnoblog

Vivaldi para Android (imagem: Emerson Alecrim/Tecnoblog)

Saiba more sober Europe No nosso channel no whatsapp Week after the entry into force, the European Union's Digital Markets Act (DMA) became a result in the browser market. The most popular browsers, such as DuckDuckGo, Ecosia, Vivaldi and Aloha, report that the number of your users is increasing in our member countries of the … Read more

Só premium Androids can be detected as being broken – Tecnoblog


Saiba more sober Android No nosso channel no whatsapp Google confirmed this week that premium cell phones can be detected when meeting my device when the leagues are over. Second (8), great technology frees the Bluetooth network for the application, which can connect different Android devices to find lost equipment. The support for all devices … Read more

Motorola's Android has no refresh policy; saiba or motivation – Tecnoblog

Motorola white label on various cell phones

Saiba more sober Motorola No nosso channel no whatsapp (Mexico) We always noticed a new smartphone from Motorola, immediately after Tech Blog comment on a consistent Android update policy. The theme is also relevant for fundraising which is provided for the company's two megaphones. In summary, the company does not have a plan to disclose … Read more

WhatsApp sends you a notification when a status is published – Tecnoblog

WhatsApp (image: Vitor Pádua/Tecnoblog)

Saiba more sober WhatsApp No nosso channel no whatsapp The latest version of WhatsApp Beta for Android is notified to the user when a status is posted. This news may be linked to another test of the application to inform when the user is marked in a post of the type. On the other hand, … Read more

Moto G24 Power purchased in Brazil price R$ 999 – Tecnoblog

Saiba more sober Motorola No nosso channel no whatsapp Motorola announced the Moto G24 Power cell phone for the Brazilian market this week. The highlight of the smartphone is its 6,000 mAh battery which, according to the manufacturer, is capable of lasting 48 hours without maintenance. The Moto G24 Power will not launch with a … Read more

Google launches Bluetooth for Meet My Device app – Tecnoblog

Logotipo do Google

Saiba more sober Bluetooth No nosso channel no whatsapp Google just released this second stage (8) of the Bluetooth network against my device. Today you are the first choice for USA and Canada to use Bluetooth of different Android devices to find lost devices. This was announced by Google during I/O 2023 and is expected … Read more