Google brings Gemini to Messages and adds AI text summaries for Android Auto

Google announced a series of Android updates to launch the MWC this year, including Gemini integration with AI-driven messages and text summaries as you drive. Starting this week, Messages users will be able to access Google's chatbot without leaving the SMS app. Gemini in Messages can handle basic tasks like writing messages and helping plan … Read more

Google finally brings Wallet passes to Wear OS watches along with transit directions

Google is finally giving Android smartwatch owners a feature they've been asking for for years: Google Wallet Passes. Among his many announcements at MWC, Google said today that it's officially bringing boarding passes, event tickets, gym memberships, loyalty cards, and other passes to Wear OS that could be stored in your Google Wallet. This is … Read more

Google explains why Gemini’s image generation feature overcorrected for diversity

After promising to repair Gemini's image generation feature, then pause it completelyGoogle published a blog post offering an explanation for why his technology overcorrected for diversity. Prabhakar Raghavan, the company's senior vice president for insights and insights, explained that Google's efforts to ensure the chatbot would generate images showing a wide range of people “did … Read more

Google Pay is shutting down in the US later this year


Google Pay was largely replaced by Google Wallet in 2022, but it is still operational in several countries, including the United States. Now, the search giant has announcement that Pay will be discontinued in the United States on June 4, 2024 in an effort to simplify its payment applications. After that, it will only be … Read more

Google pauses Gemini’s ability to generate people after overcorrecting for diversity in historical images

Google announced Thursday that it was suspending its Gemini Chatbot ability to generate people. The move comes after viral social media posts showed the AI ​​tool was overcorrecting for diversity, produce “historical” images of the Nazis, America’s founding fathers and the Pope as people of color. “We are already working to resolve recent issues with … Read more

Reddit is licensing its content to Google to help train its AI models

Google reached a deal with Reddit This will allow the search engine maker to train its AI models on Reddit's vast catalog of user-generated content, the two companies said. As part of the deal, Google will have access to Reddit's Data API, which will help the company “better understand” the site's content. The deal also … Read more

Chrome’s latest experimental AI feature can help you write

Google has added an experimental generative AI feature to its browser with the launch of Chrome M122. The new AI tool is called “Help me write“, because it can literally help you write more descriptive sentences or even full paragraphs from a short prompt. Google says the tool uses its Gemini Models to understand the … Read more

Google promises to fix Gemini’s image generation following complaints that it’s ‘woke’

Google Gemini Chatbot, which was previously called Bard, has the ability to create AI-generated illustrations based on a user's textual description. You can ask it to create photos of happy couples, for example, or people in period clothing walking down modern streets. As the BBC However, some users criticize Google for depicting specific white characters … Read more

Google’s Duet AI for businesses is now called Gemini too


Google doesn't have the best history with naming its products, especially when it comes to messaging and video chat apps, and it appears this trend is continuing in its AI applications. After announcing his new lightweight AI model Gemma earlier todayGoogle also reveals that its Duet AI for businesses using Workspace has also been renamed … Read more