Android will be AI like a cat and Gemini Nano multimodal – Tecnoblog

(Imagem: Reprodução/YouTube)

Google dedicates restricted space to I/O 2024 for Android and AI applications (Image: reproduction/Google) Saiba more sober Gemini (LLM) No nosso channel no whatsapp The president of the Ecossistema Android division, Sameer Samat, presents no Google I/O 2024 plans to improve the user experience of the system. The executive created a new slogan for Android: … Read more

Google reveals Project Astra, an AI that everyone has and which can be read – Tecnoblog

Homem sobre palco, ao lado de telão

Project Astra: artificial intelligence of the rastreia or the environment and its details (Image: Reprodução/Google) Saiba more sober Project No nosso channel no whatsapp Google approved the Google I/O event, which met our United States, to present artificial intelligence power that allows understanding the environment from the camera of cell phones. Through the Astra Project, … Read more

Microsoft 365 Copilot offers suggestions for completing the prompt – Tecnoblog

Logotipo do chatbot Microsoft Copilot

Windows Copilot for Microsoft 365 offers new avenues to improve usability (Image: Repro/Microsoft) Saiba more sober Microsoft 365 No nosso channel no whatsapp Microsoft announced in the fourth week (8) more new features for the version of Copilot. Today's generative AI from big tech is capable of automatically completing prompts and starting them. It's a … Read more

Galaxy AI will be available on more Samsung smartphones; saiba docks – Tecnoblog

Mão segurando smartphone, exibindo aplicativo de edição de imagens por inteligência artificial

Saiba more sober Galaxy AI No nosso channel no whatsapp And Samsung will expand Galaxy AI for more smartphones. The artificial intelligence resources are launched in conjunction with the S24 family, and later through the refresh for the S23 line. Meanwhile, some devices have been launched online between 2021 and 2022, but all functions are … Read more

TikTok already tested influencers with AI (but no certificate) – Tecnoblog


Saiba more sober Artificial intelligence No nosso channel no whatsapp TikTok is a tool for businesses that shout out to AI influencers. The aim of this appeal is that these companies use virtual avatars for their ads, such as a Magalu, Nat and Sam. Therefore, these AI influencers made specific announcements, but not as a … Read more

Conheça o new MTIA, chip that has Meta criou to “turbine” to IA – Tecnoblog

O poderoso chip MTIA para inteligência artificial (imagem: divulgação/Meta)

Saiba more sober Artificial intelligence No nosso channel no whatsapp A meta announces the second generation of the MTIA (Meta-training inference accelerator), 5-nanometer chip and supports LPDDR5 memory. The novelty is focused on artificial intelligence (AI) and it is clear that Facebook's turn has the idea of ​​venturing with appropriate hardware. Owner and owner. Like … Read more

Spotify releases AI tests that will play playlist from commands – Tecnoblog


Saiba more sober Artificial intelligence No nosso channel no whatsapp Spotify releases this second period (8) the recurso of creating playlists using a generator. From a text command, the user can create music lists – pushing music searches at a varying rate for months. A feature released for testing in the UK and Australia. Essay … Read more

Microsoft Copilot can allow users to hack safely – Tecnoblog

Logotipo do chatbot Microsoft Copilot

Saiba more sober Cat Bing No nosso channel no whatsapp The Microsoft Copilot, a search-generating AI for big tech, is capable of teaching users how to hack securely. So, for AI to be a balanced and conservative style of conversation, the consumer can receive responses on access site proxies, use VPNs to “get away” from … Read more

Do you have an AI on iPhone? Apple confirms WWDC 2024 on June 10 – Tecnoblog

Saiba more sober Apple No nosso channel no whatsapp Apple announced on the third day (26) that it would hold WWDC 2024 between June 10 and 14. The annual event is used by big tech to reveal new features in your services, operational systems and, in some cases, new products. Although still disclosing information about … Read more

OpenAI tries to bring together Hollywood studios to use Sora – Tecnoblog

Frame de vídeo criado pela Sora com mulher caminhando pelas ruas de Tóquio

Saiba more sober OpenAI No nosso channel no whatsapp OpenAI is looking for packages to install Sora, its video generator model, in the entertainment industry. The Marco Company brings together Hollywood studios, executives and talent agencies to showcase artificial intelligence and encourage producers to integrate their workers' activities. As information on a report from Bloomberg, … Read more