TikTok already tested influencers with AI (but no certificate) – Tecnoblog


Saiba more sober Artificial intelligence No nosso channel no whatsapp TikTok is a tool for businesses that shout out to AI influencers. The aim of this appeal is that these companies use virtual avatars for their ads, such as a Magalu, Nat and Sam. Therefore, these AI influencers made specific announcements, but not as a … Read more

Instagram rival TikTok Notes is coming – Tecnoblog


Saiba more sober Tic Tac No nosso channel no whatsapp TikTok's ByteDance is set to release TikTok Notes, a social network for photos. Lately (9), the application you published on your official website was quickly excluded from the ByteDance page. TikTok users also received communication about the launch of a new platform, which can compete … Read more

A culture of distraction – Tecnoblog

A cultura da distração (Imagem: Vitor Pádua / Tecnoblog)

No, it was easy to consume content. Da mesma forma, nunca faith tão difícil parar of the consumer tale. Uninterrupted exposure to social media, with your short videos and endless feed, generates a mood where we are elevated to a state of constant distraction. The quadro is just for the platforms, which create a better … Read more

The EU opens a wide-ranging probe into TikTok

TikTok is in the EU's crosshairs for its potential Digital Services Act (DSA) regarding the safety of minors and other matters. Formal procedures will focus on addictive algorithms, the “rabbit hole effect,” age verification issues, and default privacy settings. The European Commission is also investigating advertising transparency and access to data for researchers, it said … Read more

Apple Vision Pro now has a native TikTok app

The Apple Vision Pro is officially two weeks old, and TikTok was noticeably absent on launch day, but our long national nightmare has now ended. The Vision Pro has a native TikTok app. It's not just the iPad app with a new coat of paint. There are some cool features here that take advantage of … Read more

YouTube Shorts now lets you chop up and remix music videos

YouTube has just released a new feature that allows and turn them into Shorts. This allows you to adjust various parameters of an entire video clip to create something completely unique. Does this sound like TikTok? This definitely looks like TikTok. Here's how it works. Just tap “remix” on a video clip. You will be … Read more

Meta and TikTok sue to get out of paying the EU’s fee for policing content

ByteDance, owner of Meta and TikTok, is not in favor of paying the European Union to regulate them. Companies have challenged monitoring fees set by EU moderators, who are now required to monitor Meta, TikTok and other major platforms under the Digital Services Act (DSA), Political reports. Meta first announced its action, with ByteDance following … Read more

Taylor Swift and other Universal Music tracks are disappearing from TikTok

After To do so, earlier this week, Universal Music Group (UMG) began pulling the catalogs of the artists it represents, including Taylor Swift, Drake, Billie Eilish, The Weeknd and others. There is no longer follows listed in the profiles of some of the world's most notable artists. Additionally, UMG music featured in TikTok videos will … Read more

Senate tells social media CEOs they have ‘blood on their hands’ for failing to protect children

The CEOs of Meta, Snap, Discord, X and TikTok testified before a high-stakes Senate Judiciary Committee on online child exploitation. During the hearing, Mark Zuckerberg, Evan Spiegel, Jason Citron, Linda Yaccarino and Shou Chew spent hours being questioned by lawmakers about their child safety records. This was the first time Spiegel, Citron and Yaccarino testified … Read more

TikTok is the fastest-growing social platform, but YouTube remains the most dominant

The Pew Research Center released an updated survey on social media use among U.S. adults. Even if YouTube (especially) and Facebook have maintained their dominant status since the last survey in 2021TikTok is the fastest growing platform, with more than a third of adults now saying they use the app. The survey surveyed 5,733 U.S. … Read more