Who makes money when AI reads the internet for us?


Last week, The Browser Company, a startup that makes the Arc web browser, released a nifty new iPhone app called Arc Search. Instead of displaying links, its all-new “Browse for Me” feature reads the first handful of pages and summarizes them into a single, personalized web page, in Arc format, using large language models from … Read more

The Arc Browser is getting new AI-powered features that try to browse the web for you

Earlier this week, the team behind the Arc browser for Mac (and recently Windows) released a brand new iPhone app called Arc Search. As you would expect, it's infused with AI to provide an experience where the app “navigates for you”, bringing together various sources of information from around the internet to create a personalized … Read more

Arc browser comes to the iPhone as a stripped-down, AI-powered search tool

Arc, a browser initially designed only for Mac, has recently expanded. The Browser Company announced a beta version of its Windows version last monthand today they bring the Arc experience to iPhone with arc search. As the name suggests, the new app focuses on search: when you open the app, you're met with a keyboard … Read more