PlayStation is laying off 900 staff across Naughty Dog, Insomniac and other studios

It's another dark day for the gaming industry as there is more news from . This time it is it destroys his studios. Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) it is laying off around 900 employees from its PlayStation division, or around 8% of that department's workforce. Insomniac (Spider-Man and Ratchet and Clank), Naughty Dog (The Last … Read more

Amazon takes up to $1,800 off LG’s 2023 C3 OLED TVs

With the writers' and actors' strikes in the rearview mirror, there are many big shows and films on the horizon. If you're looking for a solid TV to watch everything on, you're in luck: LG C3 Series 2023 OLED TVs are having a big sale on Amazon. Take the 77-inch C3 Series, which went from … Read more

Let’s talk about Xbox | This week’s gaming news

No one is suggesting that Microsoft should stop making video game hardware. What we're wondering, here in the dark and twisted channels of Engadget Slack, is whether Microsoft should continue to create separate consoles from one generation to the next in the traditional hardware cycle. Basically, does the Xbox need a box? Microsoft has worked … Read more

There’s a Playdate games showcase on February 28

The little console that could do it, Playdate, gets a at 12 p.m. ET. Manufacturer Panic promises a 14-minute presentation full of new games that may or may not use the console's strange little crank. We only know of one game that will be featured at the event, but it's a doozy. Lucas Pope, the … Read more

Riot’s Project L fighting game is officially titled 2XKO

It was a between people like Mortal Kombat 1, Street Fighter 6 And Tekken 8 everything arises. There is, however, another potential major player sitting in the wings, as Riot prepares to enter the fray. The editor gave an update on Project L, the highly anticipated League of Legends spin off . The fighting game … Read more

Hero Journey Club wants to meet gamers’ mental health needs, just don’t call it therapy

Maybe you’ve seen the ads on social media: “Crush depression with Animal Crossing”; “Meet with a therapist while playing Stardew Valley.” Advertisements for Hero Journey Club’s gamer-focused mental health support groups have flooded the internet in recent months, drawing a mix of skepticism and enthusiastic intrigue from those who have been targeted by them. “Struggling … Read more

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth review: A whole new world

I don't know if there is a good way to name the second part of a trilogy of games based on an original title which is the seventh in a series of games. But this one is called Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. Renaissance takes the characters and the world reintroduced with Remake and does a … Read more

The best gaming laptops for 2024

Gaming laptops are the true Transformers of the PC world: They’re powerful enough to play your favorite titles, but you can also harness their speed for media creation or extreme multitasking, like streaming high-resolution gameplay to Twitch. These days, you can even find some that weigh less than the smallest MacBook Pro, making them capable … Read more

Elden Ring expansion ‘Shadow of the Erdtree’ arrives on June 21


Ancient Ring fans who couldn't wait to return to the Lands Between (you know, apart from it being one of most received games in recent memory) will soon have one. Publisher Bandai Namco and studio FromSoftware revealed in a gameplay trailer that the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion will arrive on PC, PlayStation and Xbox … Read more

Former Xbox exclusive Pentiment is coming to Switch on February 22

Thanks to today's Nintendo Direct focused on third-party gameswe now know the identity of two of the four Xbox titles that Microsoft is committed to releasing on “other consoles”. One of them is Penment, which is coming to Nintendo Switch on February 22 (that's tomorrow). The other is a multiplayer title Basedwhich will arrive on … Read more