Let’s talk about Xbox | This week’s gaming news

No one is suggesting that Microsoft should stop making video game hardware. What we're wondering, here in the dark and twisted channels of Engadget Slack, is whether Microsoft should continue to create separate consoles from one generation to the next in the traditional hardware cycle. Basically, does the Xbox need a box? Microsoft has worked … Read more

Xbox’s Hi-Fi Rush is coming to PS5 on March 19

One of the worst kept secrets in video games is now official. Former Xbox exclusive Rush to Hi-Fi comes to PS5 on March 19. Many expected the announcement to come during Wednesday's Nintendo Directwhich focused on third-party games, but Bethesda confirmed the news a few hours later. It appeared during the Live that Penment And … Read more

Former Xbox exclusive Pentiment is coming to Switch on February 22

Thanks to today's Nintendo Direct focused on third-party gameswe now know the identity of two of the four Xbox titles that Microsoft is committed to releasing on “other consoles”. One of them is Penment, which is coming to Nintendo Switch on February 22 (that's tomorrow). The other is a multiplayer title Basedwhich will arrive on … Read more

Microsoft should exit the console business

After listening to yesterday's Xbox podcast, where the company announced that it bringing four older titles to non-Xbox consolesa question came to my mind: why does Microsoft, a software and services company, need a console business? The same question was asked when The Rock announced the original Xbox console in 2001, but the industry has … Read more

Xbox Game Pass subscriptions have begun to taper off

Game Pass, Microsoft's gaming subscription service, had 34 million subscribers as of February 2024. Microsoft revealed this figure in a press release. blog post where he shared his plan for the future of the Xbox business. The latest figure reveals that Game Pass growth has slowed significantly. It took Microsoft three years since Game Pass … Read more

Diablo IV will be the first Activision Blizzard title on Xbox Game Pass

The first Activision Blizzard game to join Xbox Game Pass will be Diablo IVand it is expected to land on March 28. This decision means Diablo IV will be playable on Xbox and PC at no additional cost for Game Pass members – of whom there are 34 million, Xbox announced today. This is just … Read more

Xbox confirms four of its games are coming to more popular consoles

Times are changing at Xbox. Brand executives have confirmed plans to bring more Xbox games to other platforms, most likely PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. On the latest edition of the official Xbox podcast, Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft Gaming, said his team would bring four of its games to “other consoles.” He did not name … Read more

Watch Phil Spencer discuss the future of Xbox at 3PM ET

This week's edition of the Official Xbox Podcast will likely attract a lot more eyes and ears than usual. That's because three top Xbox executives are about to expose what awaits the brand. Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer, Xbox President Sarah Bond and President of Gaming Content and Studios Matt Booty will “share updates on … Read more

Phil Spencer will address Xbox multiplatform rumors on February 15

The Internet has been with rumors that Microsoft will begin releasing first-party Xbox games on competing consoles. The company has promised that it will share more details about its “vision for the future of Xbox” soon and this is expected to arrive on February 15. Phil Spencer to share “Xbox activity updates”. The episode drops … Read more

Microsoft’s gaming layoffs include 86 jobs at Skylanders studio Toys for Bob

Post-Microsoft acquisition layoffs at Activision Blizzard have already caught the attention of the FTC. We now know more about the subsidiary studios which will suffer the consequences. First of all reported speak Chronicle of San Francisco (via Eurogamer), California WARN notices list 86 planned layoffs coming to Skylanders manufacturer Toys for Bob and 76 haircuts … Read more