PCs with AI should run down to less than 40 TOPS (which is what I want) – Tecnoblog

Tecla colorida com a marca do Copilot

Saiba more sober Microsoft No nosso channel no whatsapp The PC industry hopes that laptops and desktops with artificial intelligence resources will conquer the market. But for Microsoft, a computer has precisely less than 40 TOPS to be an AI PC, as an idea if it's done. Translation: a machine of the type must be … Read more

Samsung launches all-in-one computer with Intel Core Ultra – Tecnoblog

Saiba more sober all in one No nosso channel no whatsapp Samsung announced this week (8) the All-in-One Pro desktop. The line computer is equipped with an Intel Core Ultra processor. Currently, the All-in-One Pro is available in South Korea, with an introductory price of US$1,469 (R$7,427) in pre-sale and starting on April 22. As … Read more

YouTube alerts you about OpenAI to use your videos to learn Sora – Tecnoblog


Saiba more sober Youtube No nosso channel no whatsapp Neal Mohan, CEO of YouTube, said this week (4) that OpenAI cannot use YouTube videos to teach Sora, its video generation. In an event organized by Bloomberg, Mohan knows that the terms of use of the platform risk that the contents of the platform are used … Read more

Microsoft finally separates Teams from Office – Tecnoblog

Microsoft Teams no iPhone (Imagem: André Fogaça/Tecnoblog)

The best technology is not nosso channel no whatsapp Microsoft is removing Teams from Microsoft 365, a bundle of programs previously integrated into Office. After years of criticism over the marketing communications app and changing EU law, a big tech has finally canceled the “combo.” Most of the criticism has been leveled at Microsoft when … Read more

Microsoft confirms the creation of WordPad from Windows 11 24H2 – Tecnoblog

Marca do WordPad com asas e auréola, como se estivesse chegando ao céu

Saiba more sober Notepad No nosso channel no whatsapp Under Windows 11 24H2, the next big update to Microsoft's current operating system will not be available on WordPad. This is the first step for the text publisher to be interrupted, the decision taken by the company a year later. It is the result of software … Read more

Microsoft wants to use Linux more easily in Windows – Tecnoblog

WSL no Windows 11 (imagem: reprodução/Microsoft)

Saiba more sober the Windows No nosso channel no whatsapp Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) is a notable software that allows Linux to be distributed in Microsoft operating systems. The WSL is therefore not very intuitive. Mas isso deve mudar. You know that Microsoft is preparing a graphical user interface (GUI) to facilitate the use … Read more

Intel says Windows Copilot button is fundamental to the future of PCs – Tecnoblog

Tecla colorida com a marca do Copilot

Saiba more sober Intel No nosso channel no whatsapp Intel confirms that the Windows Copilot button on computers will be important for the era of PCs with artificial intelligence. A statement made by Todd Lewellen, director of the company's PC ecosystem. Intel, AMD and Qualcomm are also supported by Microsoft's plans to increase integration between … Read more

China tests AMD and Intel chips in government machines – Tecnoblog

Saiba more sober China No nosso channel no whatsapp China this week began the final phase to halt the use of computers and servers equipped with AMD and Intel processors in any country. The measure was published in the year 2023, then implemented gradually and recently, government organizations can no longer purchase equipment with these … Read more

Windows 11 Notepad will be spell-corrected – Tecnoblog

Windows 11

The best technology is not nosso channel no whatsapp Microsoft is currently testing the spell checker for Notepad. This tool has been released for some Windows 11 users in recent days. Microsoft is expected to launch spell checker in the second half of the year — likely with Windows 11's 2H24 update. How to display … Read more

GitHub AI alerts and fixes vulnerabilities in codes – Tecnoblog

Símbolo do GitHub (imagem: divulgação/GitHub)

Saiba more sober GitHub No nosso channel no whatsapp GitHub this week announced the release of AI Autofix, which uses artificial intelligence to detect bugs and potential vulnerabilities in codes. The remedy was developed by Sentry, a technology company that develops security and code correction solutions. AI Autofix will serve as a complement to GitHub … Read more