Microsoft’s gaming revenue is up 49 percent in Q2, mostly thanks to the Activision deal

Microsoft released another report on explosive profits for the second quarter of fiscal 2024, with revenues of $62 billion (up 18% from last year) and profits of $21.9 billion (an increase of 33%). But actually, the most exciting thing about this quarter is that we can finally see how the Acquisition of Activision Blizzard for … Read more

Microsoft’s legal department allegedly silenced an engineer who raised concerns about DALL-E 3

A Microsoft official says DALL-E 3 from OpenAI has security vulnerabilities that could allow users to generate violent or explicit images (similar to those recently posted). targeted Taylor Swift). GeekWire reported On Tuesday, the company's legal team blocked attempts by Microsoft engineering leader Shane Jones to alert the public about the exploit. The self-proclaimed whistleblower … Read more

Xbox president thinks Apple’s EU App Store plan is ‘a step in the wrong direction’

Apple recently announced changes it is making to the App Store to comply with the European Union's Digital Markets Act (DMA) which will come into full effect on March 7. denounced his plans and requirements for alternative app stores, with Spotify calling the changes a “total farce.” Microsoft's Xbox is one of the latest companies … Read more

Former Call of Duty chief Johanna Faries is Blizzard’s new president

you didn't have to look very far to find the new president of . Former Call of Duty GM Johanna Faries replaces who resigned from his role in the middle . Blizzard was reportedly particularly hard hit as Microsoft laid off around 1,900 people. Faries, a former National Football League executive, joined Activision as in … Read more