X starts giving non-paying users the ability to make audio and video calls

X is slowly rolling out audio and video calling to users who don't pay for its premium subscription service, formerly known as Twitter Blue. Enrique Barragan, engineer of the company, shared the news on the platform. The company initially launched the feature for iOS users last year, giving paid subscribers the ability to call other … Read more

India’s government is forcing X to censor accounts via executive order amid the farmers’ protest

X, formerly Twitter, is once again restricting content in India. The company's Global Government Affairs account announced that the The Indian government had issued an order requiring X to withhold specific accounts and posts or face sanctions including “significant fines and imprisonment.” X further stated that he did not agree with the order and was … Read more

FTC concludes Twitter didn’t violate data security rules, in spite of Musk’s orders

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) concluded that Elon Musk directed Twitter (now X) employees to take actions that allegedly violated an FTC consent decree regarding consumer data privacy and security. The investigation arose from the episode at the end of 2022 known informally as “Twitter files“, where Musk ordered staff to allow external editors access … Read more

X let terrorist groups pay for verification, report says

X allowed dozens of sanctioned individuals and groups to pay for its premium service, according to a of the Tech Transparency Project (TTP). The report raises the question of whether X is violating US sanctions. The report revealed 28 verified accounts belonging to people and groups that the U.S. government considers a threat to national … Read more

Court orders Elon Musk to testify in the SEC’s investigation of his Twitter takeover

As part of monitoring a A federal judge has ordered Elon Musk to comply with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC) subpoena and testify again as part of its investigation into his takeover of Twitter, reports. Under the order filed Saturday evening in a California court, Musk and the SEC now have one week … Read more

X will host a new ‘WWE Speed’ weekly series starting in the spring

WWE has been shaking up its streaming platforms recently, with the latest development coming via a partnership with X, formerly known as Twitter. The two have signed a two-year deal for a new weekly series called WWE Speed, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The show will be exclusive to X and will feature timed matches … Read more

Bluesky has added almost a million users one day after opening to the public

Bluesky, the open source alternative to Twitter, has seen among new users just one day after opening its platform to the public. The service has gained more than 850,000 users, bringing the total number of registrations to just over 4 million. The service took place in a beta version for about a year and had … Read more

Bluesky is ditching its waitlist and opening to everyone

Bluesky, the open source alternative to Twitter, is getting rid of its waiting list and opening its decentralized platform to everyone. The service, opened in beta last spring, currently has a little more than users, although this number may increase quickly now that potential users no longer need an invitation to join. This is an … Read more

X plans to hire 100 content moderators to fill new Trust and Safety center in Austin

Joe Benarroch, X's head of business operations, said the company plans to open a new office in Austin, Texas, for a team that will focus on content moderation. reports. The “Trust and Safety Center of Excellence,” for which the company plans to hire 100 full-time employees, will focus primarily on stopping the spread of child … Read more

X confirms it blocked Taylor Swift searches to ‘prioritize safety’

X has confirmed that it is blocking users from searching for Taylor Swift's name after pornographic deepfakes of the artist began circulating on the platform this week. Visitors to the site began noticing Saturday that some searches containing Swift's name were only returning an error message. In a statement to Wall Street Journal On Saturday … Read more