HIPAA protects health data privacy, but not in the ways most people think

The “P” in HIPAA does not stand for privacy. It's one of the first things many experts will say when asked to clear up any misconceptions about the health data law. Instead, it stands for portability — it's called the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act — and describes how information can be transferred between … Read more

Samsung gets FDA approval for a sleep apnea feature on Galaxy Watch


THE gave the green light to a detection function activated devices in the United States, Samsung revealed. The company notes that this is the first such approval in the United States – South Korean officials have already wholeheartedly approved the feature's use in that country. plans to add the sleep apnea monitoring tool to Galaxy … Read more

Movie Review: Jessica Chastain, Peter Sarsgaard anchor ‘Memory,’ a thorny drama with a tender heart


Pain and trauma permeate Michel Franco's new drama, “Memory,” about two lost souls who find surprising comfort in each other. Jessica Chastain's Sylvia and Peter Sarsgaard's Saul are both hostages of their own minds, albeit in very different ways. Hers haunts her. His fails quickly. And neither are entirely trustworthy. “Memory,” released nationally Friday, begins … Read more