The best Apple Watch in 2024

Les montres Apple sont des compagnons utiles pour les iPhones, servant des appels et des notifications tout en gérant des tâches pratiques telles que le contrôle de la musique et les minuteries. De plus, ils sont experts dans le suivi des mesures de santé et de forme physique. Bien qu'il n'existe que trois modèles d'Apple … Read more

OnePlus rejoins the smartwatch scene with the promise of a 100-hour battery life

After months of rumors, has . The OnePlus Watch 2 will be officially presented at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona later this month. The company is known for its details about drip-feeding its products, and while it has yet to reveal any key information about the wearable, OnePlus has offered up a few juicy … Read more

The best Apple AirTag accessories for 2024

AirTags are a great way to use Apple's Find My network to track your stuff. But, like it or not, most AirTag owners will need a holder or case for their Bluetooth Tracker. Unlike similar devices from Chipolo and Tile, Apple's trackers don't have built-in key fob holes for attaching them to your keys or … Read more

The best VR headsets for 2024

All of a sudden, VR is interesting again. The Meta Quest 3 delivers excellent standalone virtual reality for $500, while Apple has thrown down the gauntlet with the Vision Pro, a $3,500 stab at combining VR and augmented reality (AR). After a few years of stagnation, it’s worth considering an immersive headset — and if … Read more

Unsurprisingly, Zuck thinks the Quest 3 is a ‘better product’ than Apple’s Vision Pro

Meta chief Mark Zuckerberg published a review of Apple Vision Pro on Instagram, reminding everyone that the rivalry between the two companies has deepened further with the launch of the latter's mixed reality headset. In the video shot with a Meta Quest 3, Zuckerberg did not mince his words when contrasting the Vision Pro with … Read more

Samsung gets FDA approval for a sleep apnea feature on Galaxy Watch


THE gave the green light to a detection function activated devices in the United States, Samsung revealed. The company notes that this is the first such approval in the United States – South Korean officials have already wholeheartedly approved the feature's use in that country. plans to add the sleep apnea monitoring tool to Galaxy … Read more

Apple Vision Pro teardown deconstructs the weird-looking EyeSight display

One of VisionPro The most intriguing feature is undoubtedly the EyeSight display, which projects a visual feed of your own eyes to better connect with people in the real world – because eye contact is important, whether real or virtual. As I fix it discovered in his demolish, it turns out that Apple has exploited … Read more