Our Apple Vision Pro hangover

We still can't stop thinking about the Apple Vision Pro. This week, Cherlynn and Devindra speak with CNET's Scott Stein about our review impressions of the Apple headset. We have other thoughts on using it in public (maybe not), the isolation of being isolated from the world, and how falling asleep with the Vision Pro … Read more

You no longer have to visit an Apple Store if you forget your Vision Pro passcode

Apple launched a VisionPro update that fixes one of its most confusing issues at launch. Starting with visionOS 1.0.3, available Monday, headset owners who have forgotten their passcodes can reset their device and start over with a fresh install. Previously, owners who lost their passwords had to go to an Apple Store – or ship … Read more

Reviewing the Apple Vision Pro

We've spent the last week with the Apple Vision Pro and we have some ideas! This week, senior editor Sam Rutherford and podcast producer Ben Ellman join Devindra to discuss his review of the Vision Pro, as well as their first impressions of the headset. It's far from child's play, but it's also one of … Read more

Apple Vision Pro review: Beta testing the future

The Apple Vision Pro has made my eyes work harder than ever before. It’s not just because I have ultra-sharp, incredibly bright micro-OLED screens right on my face: The Vision Pro relies on eye tracking for navigating visionOS, its new “spatial computing” operating system. If you want to launch an app, visit a link or … Read more

Apple’s latest Vision Pro update improves the look of ‘Persona’ avatars

A key feature of Apple's Vision Pro VR, uh, spatial computing the helmet is Characters this allows people to see a digital version of themselves during calls, Zoom meetings, etc. At launch, they looked a little scary, but Apple has improved them significantly in the latest version, according to messages on spotted by MacRumors. They … Read more

Don’t use the Apple Vision Pro while driving

Since VisionPro went on sale last week, Apple's expensive AR/VR headset was spotted in all kinds of unusual places: from the gym to planes and everywhere in between. However, after an owner has been seen wear it while driving on the highway in a Tesla CybertruckUS Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg issued a warning reminding people … Read more

Apple Vision Pro users will have to go to a store to reset forgotten passcodes

Can you imagine having to mail a $3,499 gadget because you forgot the password you provided to use it? Customers who purchased the Apple Vision Pro This is exactly what they will need to do if they forget their device passcode. According to Bloomberg, the company has told buyers that the only way to reset … Read more

YouTube reportedly has an Apple Vision Pro app on its roadmap


Google reportedly intends to develop a YouTube application for Apple Vision Pro. The edge said A YouTube spokesperson confirmed the company's plans to create a native Vision Pro app, while optimizing YouTube for Safari as a stopgap measure. The U-turn comes after developer Christian Selig (creator of the popular Apollo app that Reddit killed in … Read more

Apple Vision Pro teardown deconstructs the weird-looking EyeSight display

One of VisionPro The most intriguing feature is undoubtedly the EyeSight display, which projects a visual feed of your own eyes to better connect with people in the real world – because eye contact is important, whether real or virtual. As I fix it discovered in his demolish, it turns out that Apple has exploited … Read more

You won’t be able to use a Bluetooth mouse with Apple Vision Pro

Apple has released a new for the Vision Pro on Friday night, and it details which accessories will work – and won't work – with the headset. While Apple says it's compatible with “most” Bluetooth keyboards, including its own and those from other manufacturers, the Vision Pro doesn't support Bluetooth mice. Vision Pro owners will, … Read more