Nvidia technology using Terra digital for climatic environments – Tecnoblog

(Imagem: Divulgação/Nvidia)

The best technology is not nosso channel no whatsapp Nvidia presented this week (18) a platform with a digital giant from Terra for climate activities. Earth-2's proposal is to offer the most realistic or possible simulation of climatic conditions. With this, the country can avoid and minimize extreme weather events, such as furacões and strong … Read more

Nvidia Unveils More Powerful GPU Worldwide (with AI) – Tecnoblog

Homem segura um chip em cada mão

The best technology is not nosso channel no whatsapp (San Jose, USA) Nvidia announced last week (03/18) the Blackwell platform, designed to be precise high processing power in terms of artificial intelligence with more than a million parameters. The company's founder and CEO, Jensen Huang, is the expert on the most powerful GPU of all … Read more

NVIDIA GeForce Now gets pre-roll ads for free users

From March 5 GeForce now users benefiting from the service for free will find themselves confronted with advertisements while waiting for their turn to play. NVIDIA has sent an email to free users, telling them they will receive “up to two minutes of video referral messages before each gaming session while they are in queue.” … Read more

NVIDIA’s RTX 500 and 1000 Ada GPUs bring more AI smarts to thin and light workstations

Just before , has revealed its latest GPUs for laptops and, what a surprise, they are designed in large part to facilitate AI processing. The RTX 500 and 1000 Ada Generation graphics cards are primarily intended for thin and light laptops. While they don't offer as much TOPS AI performance as current high-end mobile GPUs, … Read more

AMD’s budget version of the 7900 XT GPU is coming to the US for $549

AMD will begin selling the Radeon RX 7900 GRE (Golden Rabbit Edition) graphics card in the United States, offering users a detuned version of its flagship 7900 XT for $549. For a saving of around $350 over the latter, its performance is comparable to that of NVIDIA RTX 4070 Super for certain games with certain … Read more

NVIDIA is testing an app that unifies GeForce Experience and Control Panel

NVIDIA is which allows users to adjust GPU settings, install software, and fine-tune gameplay, all from one place. Currently, you have to navigate to the outdated Control Panel app and do some menu diving to complete tasks like setting up G-Sync. There's also an entirely separate “user-friendly” app called GeForce Experience for basic GPU tweaks, … Read more

NVIDIA becomes the third most valuable US company at Alphabet’s expense

NVIDIA is doing very well. The chipmaker overtook Google parent Alphabet to become the third most valuable company in the United States. Reuters reports. The news comes almost immediately after Nvidia has overtaken Amazon in the rankings, with the company now valued at $1.83 trillion. Globally, it occupies fourth place, behind the American companies Microsoft … Read more

Two faster GPUs, one better deal

But what about the new RTX 4070 Ti? He's stuck between his two siblings, with no clear audience. After all, if you're willing to spend $799 on a video card, stretching the 4080 Super a bit further might make more sense for the extra power. Otherwise, you might as well get the 4070 Super, overclock … Read more

Jim Cramer’s Top 10 Stock Market Picks: Nvidia and Energy Could Drive Gain


Market expert Jim Cramer has identified ten key developments to monitor in the stock market on Thursday. Leading the list is technology giant Nvidia, which is expected to make waves in the AI space. Additionally, there may be some surprises in store that could push stocks up, particularly in the energy sector. Investors will be … Read more